Oil City Iron Works Receives the 2014 AFS Outstanding Organization Award

Thomas Prucha, AFS National V.P. of Technical Services, has sent a notice that Oil City Iron Works has been recognized with the 2014 AFS Outstanding Organization Award for their continued support of AFS and the Human Resources Division. This award will be presented April 9, 2014. at the 118th AFS Metalcasting Congress Recognition Luncheon.

The officers, directors, and members of the TX Chapter AFS would like to congratulate those individuals directly involved from OCIW and the organization as a whole in being selected for this award. You represent us well.

Oil City Iron Works has a diversified its product line that includes valves, pumps, power generation, gas turbine and compression parts, mining equipment, as well as general oilfield equipment. Oil City Iron Works, Inc. is a 100% jobbing shop all “Made in the USA” with over 7,000 active patterns.

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