Herman Scott presented with a Service Life Membership

Herman Scott was in middle school when he started helping his dad, Joe Scott, fillet and finish patterns. In high school he took math courses preparing him to go to college for an engineering degree. He graduated from Texas Tech University in 1958 with an engineering degree and went to work for his dad at AAA Patterns. Both his sons, Bill and Joel, joined him at AAA Patterns.

Herman’s dad was a wood shop hobbyist. The first pattern Joe made was for a brass elbow for his father-in-law, who was a manager at Morrison Supply. With the help of Midland Mfg., he made a pattern and core box for the brass casting. From that experience he was curious about patterns and foundries. Joe started his shop in 1946 with a small wood shop behind his house. As business grew he built his shop in its present location in 1951. As business continued to grow, the shop had several additions. The work branched out to patterns and molds for the plastic industry, forging models and wind tunnel models for Bell Helicopter. AAA Patterns was helped by DuPont to make the first poly styrene molds in Texas. This was an aluminum mold placed in an auto clave and filled by hand.

Herman and his family have served the foundry industry both within and outside of Texas. The Scott family has been involved in the various manufacturing areas of Fort Worth for seventy years.


Oil City Iron Works Receives the 2014 AFS Outstanding Organization Award

Thomas Prucha, AFS National V.P. of Technical Services, has sent a notice that Oil City Iron Works has been recognized with the 2014 AFS Outstanding Organization Award for their continued support of AFS and the Human Resources Division. This award will be presented April 9, 2014. at the 118th AFS Metalcasting Congress Recognition Luncheon.

The officers, directors, and members of the TX Chapter AFS would like to congratulate those individuals directly involved from OCIW and the organization as a whole in being selected for this award. You represent us well.

Oil City Iron Works has a diversified its product line that includes valves, pumps, power generation, gas turbine and compression parts, mining equipment, as well as general oilfield equipment. Oil City Iron Works, Inc. is a 100% jobbing shop all “Made in the USA” with over 7,000 active patterns.